Analysis of leakage current during water droplet discharge on silicone rubber adopting rc technique


Palash Mishra
G. Parvathy
R. Sarathi


Corona activity can cause reduction in hydrophobicity of silicone rubber insulating material. Leakage current (LC) measured during water droplet discharge was analyzed through Recurrence Plot (RP) analysis. The RP obtained for the leakage current formed due to water droplet discharges under AC and DC voltages are different. Recurrent Quantification Analysis (RQA) is used to quantify the results of RP plots to classify the discharges formed under AC and DC voltages. Multi Resolution Signal Decomposition (MRSD) technique is adopted to understand the frequency contents present in the leakage current at different instants.


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Mishra, P., Parvathy, G., & Sarathi, R. (2017). Analysis of leakage current during water droplet discharge on silicone rubber adopting rc technique. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 151–156. Retrieved from


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