Instructions to Authors


The Scope of the Journal of CPRI covers contributions in the areas of system operation and control, load growth, power cables, power capacitors, power transformers, seismic qualification, power convertors,electric machines, electrical insulation, power electronics; automation, communication, computers, IT application for power; smart grids, distributed generation, materials for electro-technology, super conducting systems, environmental, power transmission and distribution, HV, UHV, substation equipment, energy metering and instrumentation, end use efficiency, renewable-grid, reliability, condition monitoring, energy efficiency, RLA, R & M and LE, relay and protection, power quality, product development and quality assurance, equipment / device field performance, testing and related areas.

Submission of Papers

Authors are requested to submit the manuscript ONLINE at, complete with all illustrations, The names and the addresses of three suggested reviewers should be mentioned at the time of submission Submission of a paper implies that it has not been published previously, that it is not under consideration for the publication elsewhere, and that if accepted it will not be published elsewhere in the same form. Author agreement/declaration is mandatory before publishing of any paper. All manuscripts must be brief and concise. International units must be followed and obsolete units must be avoided.

Preparation of text

Document Format: MS Word latest version
Font: Times new Roman
Title: Title case, bold, font size – 14, centred full width
Name (s) of the Author (s): Title case, bold, font size – 12, centred
Address (s) of the Author (s): Title case, normal, font size – 12, centred
Abstract: Italics, normal, font size – 12, maximum of 200 words
Key words: Italics, normal, font size – 12, maximum 8
Main body of paper: Font size – 12, double column, single line spacing, two line space between paragraphs, no paragraph indentation. Figures, drawing, table and photographs in the black and white, preferably accommodated within single column, paragraphs in glossy print.
Equations: In equation editor only
Photographs: All photographs must also be sent separately in jpeg.

References at the end of text: Books:

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Articles in Journals:

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Working Papers and Thesis:

[4] R S S Aradhya, Studies of pollution Performance of Metal Oxide Surge Arresters, Ph D dissertation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1993.


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Biographical information: High resolution digitally clicked photograph (not scanned) in Jpeg format and 40 to 50 word information about author (s)