Flame Retardancy of Instrumentation and Control Cables – CPRI’s Experience


R. Arunjothi
P. V. Satheesh Kumar
G. K. Raja
K. P. Meena


In this paper the fire and smoke properties of special application cables such as instrumentation cables, control cables, fibre optic cables and flat travelling cables are compared for their better fire performance. The various outer sheath materials of these cables have been evaluated for its fire performance and as well as smoke performance. In case of zero halogen outer sheath materials of special application cables, only the smoke property is given importance and the fire retardant properties are not being given much importance. Hence the significance of fire retardant property is highlighted in this study.


How to Cite
Arunjothi, R., Thirumurthy, ., Satheesh Kumar, P. V., Raja, G. K., & Meena, K. P. (2018). Flame Retardancy of Instrumentation and Control Cables – CPRI’s Experience. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI. https://doi.org/10.33686/pwj.v14i2.144709


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