Fire-Resistant Cables- Heat Release Measurements


R. Arunjothi
Thirumurthy .
K. P. Meena


Fire Resistant cables are designed to maintain the circuit integrity of the cable even during fire conditions. In general, the fire-resistant cables are made up of flame retardant zero halogen materials, so that the fire hazard such as flame propagation and smoke release of these cables are controlled. However, one more fire hazard of these fire-resistant cables is nothing but the heat released from these cables during a fire. Heat release of these cables depends upon the fuel loading of the cables and the energy available in the materials of these Fire Resistant or Fire Survival (FS) cables. In this paper, the heat release of FS cables is measured for various construction of the FS cables.


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Arunjothi, R. ., ., T., & Meena, K. P. . (2022). Fire-Resistant Cables- Heat Release Measurements. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 18(1), 1–7.


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