Experimental and numerical simulation study of electromagnetic tube forming


S. K. Dond
M. R. Kulkarni
Archana Sharma
G. K. Dey


Electromagnetic forming is a high velocity forming process where Lorentz force is used for workpiece expansion. The required velocity for forming is achieved by a pulsed magnetic field. In the present work, Electromagnetic expansions of aluminum tubes are carried out using 20 kJ systems at different energies. A 2D coupled numerical simulation is also performed that shows the tube velocity and deformation under transient magnetic pressure. From the observed results, magnetic to mechanical pressure relation is studied that helps in controlled forming operation.


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Dond, S. K., Kulkarni, M. R., Sharma, A., & Dey, G. K. (2017). Experimental and numerical simulation study of electromagnetic tube forming. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 177–182. Retrieved from https://node6473.myfcloud.com/~geosocin/CPRI/index.php/pr/article/view/154


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