Study on seven channel palm top triggered rail spark gap


Ravindra Kumar Sharma
Archana Sharma


To date, thorough study does not exist for multichannel operation of field distortion planner spark gaps. There is continuous demand to generate the complex phenomenon of multichannel in spark gaps. Seven channel discharges has been realised with compact field distortion trigger of 40 mJ, 100 V/ns, first of its kind. Spark gap is environmentally sealed and operated under atmosphere pressure. Copper trigger pins are replaced with brass material to enhance the life and uniform discharge. A high speed streak camera is exploited to catch the images of dedicated discharge channels. Streak images are useful to understand the formation of multiple arcs during triggering. Spark gap programming is electrically tested for number of plasma channels. This new concept is implemented by selective hard wiring of trigger pins. It is inferred that the multi-channel switching is beneficial for reduction of inductance (10 nH), increase in peak discharging current (50 kA) and life of 500 shots. It is experimentally confirmed a good life (100 shots) for higher current of 120 kA. Switch is tested without intermediate cleaning or air flushing. All the electrodes assembly and environment sealing is achieved in a palm top size of length: 120mm, width: 65mm and height: 25 mm. This paper presents study of electrode material, programmable seven channels discharge capability, circuit inductance, delay time and plasma channel's jitter using streak photography as a function of test voltage and number of channels.


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