Strength analysis of designed dual axis sun tracker using solid-work software


Neeraj Tiwari
Sanjeev Kumar
Vikas Pratap Singh


This paper describes an approach to the design and implementation of sun tracker stand in PV system making 120 Volt string. For the strength analysis against wind pressure the PV system with tracker stand has been implemented in solid work software version SP-13. Another part of this paper is the comparison of power drawn from The PV system with tracker and without a tracker. The data received in real experimental setup. We analyzed that the efficiency of PV systems can be increased by 42 % compared to the static PV system by implementing the tracker techniques in the PV System.


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Tiwari, N., Kumar, S., & Pratap Singh, V. (2014). Strength analysis of designed dual axis sun tracker using solid-work software. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 819–824. Retrieved from


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