Customers interruption cost estimation based on reliability in power distribution system


P. Chandhra Shekar
R. A. Deshpande
V. Sankar


Reliability assessment of distribution network is an important subject due to increasing demand for more reliable service with less interruption frequency and duration. An effective way to solving this issue is by the use of quantitative assessment of reliability, measure the reliability indices to find out the probability of availability and unavailability of supply. This paper describes the energy not supplied to the customers in terms of customer kWh loss and revenue loss to the customers and the revenue loss to the utility in profit making areas is presented for two practical networks by calculating the reliability indices. The software module CYMDIST Reliability Assessment Module (RAM) is used for the simulation and analysis.


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Chandhra Shekar, P., Deshpande, R. A., & Sankar, V. (2014). Customers interruption cost estimation based on reliability in power distribution system. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 687–694. Retrieved from


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