Assessment of Stator Winding Insulation. Part 1 - Review of Deterioration Mechanisms and Condition Monitoring Techniques


B. Nageshwar Rao
K. Mallikarjunappa
J. Sundara Rajan
B. Ramachandra
A. Sudhindra


This paper reviews the main ageing and failure mechanisms of stator winding and methods for extending the useful life of the machine. The symptoms for each failure mechanism are discussed and an overview of various electrical diagnostic techniques for condition assessment of stator winding insulation is presented


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Nageshwar Rao, B., Mallikarjunappa, K., Sundara Rajan, J., Ramachandra, B., & Sudhindra, A. (2010). Assessment of Stator Winding Insulation. Part 1 - Review of Deterioration Mechanisms and Condition Monitoring Techniques. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 61–76. Retrieved from


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