Health Monitoring of Induction Motor using Thermal Images


D. K. Chaturvedi
M. P. Singh


This paper deals with a system which monitors the health condition of a three phase induction motor by using infrared thermal images. Here two systems, real time and off line, are proposed to monitor the temperature variations and analyze the hot regions beyond the rated temperature in the three phase induction motor using infrared thermograms. This system helps to monitor the variation of temperature at the different parts of the induction motor. Abnormal temperature rise in any parts indicates the faults. This technique helps to prevent the parts of induction motor before any catastrophe would happen in the future. The color based segmentation technique is used to identify abnormal hot regions in the thermograms of three phase induction motor. A changing red color intensity algorithm is also implemented to recognize the hot spots and also the change in hotness in a particular area of induction motor to declare the health of that particular area. Similarly the conditions of various areas in the machine all together monitor the overall health of the Induction motor.


How to Cite
Chaturvedi, D. K., & Singh, M. P. (2020). Health Monitoring of Induction Motor using Thermal Images. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 105–114.


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