Simulation and Performance Study of Grid-connected Wind and Photovoltaic Hybrid Energy System


Nagendra K.
Vinatha U.
Krishnamurthy N.


Hybrid energy system (HES) includes several (two or more) energy sources with appropriate energy conversion technologies connected together to feed power to local load/grid. HES allows a wide variety of primary energy sources, frequently generated from renewable sources as the stand alone system for rural electrification and also for grid extension. The objective of this work is to model photovoltaic (PV) & wind grid connected HES using Matlab/Simulink. The model is useful for simulation of PV & wind grid connected HES. Blocks like wind model, PV model, energy conversion system and loads are implemented and the results of simulation model are also presented.


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K., N., U., V., & N., K. (2014). Simulation and Performance Study of Grid-connected Wind and Photovoltaic Hybrid Energy System. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 361–366. Retrieved from


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