An Efficient Fault Detection Algorithm for Micro-Grid


Majarikar Vikrant Jiwanrao
Shanti Swarup K.


This paper proposes an implementation procedure and performance testing of an algorithm comprise of Cumulative sum algorithm and power flow methods for fault detection in micro-grid systems. The Cumulative sum algorithm is found to be better than the traditional methods in the presence of noise, system frequency deviation, and other uncertainties for radial system. By monitoring the power Flows between buses along with cumulative sum algorithm, detection of faults in micro-grid system is carried out. The proposed digital Fault detection is implemented experimentally for performance testing on a test micro-grid system. Several transient disturbances viz. grid connection, single-phase to ground fault, 2 phase fault, 3 phase to ground faults, etc. occurring in different parts of the test micro-grid system are investigated experimentally.


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