Seismic qualification of electrical cabinet


R. Panneer Selvam
R. Ramesh Babu


Electrical cabinets are widely used in power control systems. Electrical cabinet is housing for many delicate protection, measuring and control equipments like relays, meters, circuit breakers, logic device, printed circuit board etc. Seismic load should be one of criteria for selection of electrical enclosures. Seismically qualified Electrical cabinet ensures proper functioning and safety of equipment installed in it during and after seismic event. Electrical enclosures should not amplify seismic waves and should withstand seismic load without undergoing any physical failure. A typical Seismic qualification test carried out on an electrical enclosure is discussed in this paper


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Panneer Selvam, R., & Ramesh Babu, R. (2014). Seismic qualification of electrical cabinet. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 737–740. Retrieved from


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