Electromagnetic pulse welding for joining of aluminium tube to uncoated and copper coated steel rod


K. Shanthala
T. N. Sreenivasa
Hitesh Choudhary


Reliable and cost effective joining methods are essential for the development of hybrid structures involving dissimilar materials. Electro Magnetic Welding (EMW) is one such technology which can be used for joining of dissimilar materials. In an EMW the pulsed current with a very high amplitude and frequency produces Lorentz forces and a high magnetic pressure well beyond the material yield strength, causes acceleration and one of the work pieces impacts onto the other part with a collision. Present study deals with the application of EMW for joining of tubular aluminium workpiece to uncoated and copper coated steel rod. The electromagnetic pressure necessary for joining is estimated. Joint is analyzed for the microstructure and hardness.


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Shanthala, K., Sreenivasa, T. N., & Choudhary, H. (2017). Electromagnetic pulse welding for joining of aluminium tube to uncoated and copper coated steel rod. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 125–130. Retrieved from https://node6473.myfcloud.com/~geosocin/CPRI/index.php/pr/article/view/146


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