Failure Analysis on OPGW Cable During Short Circuit Test


T. Prabakaran
Sumbul Munshi
Himangshu Roy
Saumitra Pathak


A new type of ground wire used for communication lines in high-voltage power transmission systems is called Optical Ground Wire cable (OPGW). In addition to serving as a communication optical cable and standard overhead ground wire, it may also prevent lightning strikes and carry short circuit currents. The OPGW cable must fulfil the specifications for both construction and performance for the ground wire to work, the optical fiber integrity, and the optical transmission characteristics to be appropriate for the intended use. It is anticipated that OPGW cables will safeguard the optical fiber and that the cable’s temperature won’t rise to the point where the fiber’s parameters could deteriorate. This paper examines the analysis and review of OPGW cable failure cases during short circuit tests.


How to Cite
Prabakaran, T. ., Munshi, S. ., Roy, H. ., & Pathak, S. . (2024). Failure Analysis on OPGW Cable During Short Circuit Test. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 19(2), 81–85.


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