Investigation of Planar Antenna Performances on Commercially Available Dielectric Materials


S. Subin
Vijay K. Goyal
Vivek Sanadhya


Planar RF antennas with their conformal geometry, good RF performances and ease of construction find a wide range of applications ranging from mobile phones to RADAR and wearable electronic gadgets to medical implant devices. The selection of a suitable dielectric material is by far the most crucial step in the antenna design process to achieve the desired RF characteristics. The directivity, efficiency and bandwidth of an antenna depend on the substrate dielectric constant, loss tangent and material thickness. This paper investigates the RF performances of two planar antennas designed using two commercially available dielectric materials namely RT Duroid and FR4 with a full wave 3D EM simulation tool. The results show the superior RF characteristics of the antenna designed using RT Duroid over FR4. The antenna designed with RT Duroid substrate is fabricated and the measurement results obtained are found to be in good agreement with the simulation results.


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Subin, S. ., Goyal, V. K. ., & Sanadhya, V. . (2024). Investigation of Planar Antenna Performances on Commercially Available Dielectric Materials. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 19(2), 139–143.


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