Precision, High Stability High Voltage Module Power Supply for Analytical Instrumentation


Sunil Kumar Sahu
P. G. Abichandani
S. Malhotra


Analytical instruments like mass spectrometer1-4 require a highly stable environment for precise measurements. A minute fluctuation in supply can cause large errors in measurements. For accelerating the ions in a mass spectrometer, a highly stable high-voltage power supply is required. High voltage power supplies up to 30kV/10W with 10ppm short-term stability are extensively used in various analytical instruments like mass spectrometers, PMT and CEM, scanning electron microscope, electron spectroscopy etc. This paper will illustrate the design concept and implementation of an HV module based on a compound regulatory system, where a linear regulator feeds the power to the switching regulator (ZVS mode resonance converter fly-back topology, SMPS) operating around 100 kHz.


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Sahu, S. K. ., Abichandani, P. G. ., & Malhotra, S. . (2024). Precision, High Stability High Voltage Module Power Supply for Analytical Instrumentation. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 19(2), 145–149.


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