Need for Real Time Simulation in cyber security Applications


J. Sreedevi
P. Noorcheshma
N. Ashwin
K. S. Meera


Various sophisticated technologies have been deployed in the modern power system to facilitate the notion of smart grid, integrating the power system, associated IT infrastructure and the communication network into a Cyber-Physical System (CPS). The increasing coupling between a physical power system and its communication network necessitates a Cyber-Physical test environment to investigate and guarantee the grid’s stability and reliability. A Cyber-Physical Testbed consists of four components – a Physical power systems layer, a power systems monitoring layer, a Communication Network layer and an Energy Management Systems layer. In this paper, the need of a Cyber Security testbed is detailed along with an architecture of a typical Cyber Security Testbed and the role of a Real Time Simulator in the Testbed.


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Sreedevi, J., Noorcheshma, P., Ashwin, N., & Meera, K. S. (2016). Need for Real Time Simulation in cyber security Applications. Power Research - A Journal of CPRI, 731–736. Retrieved from


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